Find out the Cost of Replacing Your Roof

Replace Your Roof with a New, Cost-Effective One

Maintenance and repair costs for rented properties are a burden for any landlord. Damaged walls, faulty knobs and eroding electrics could be one of many things to cause you a headache. But have you considered the condition of your roof?

Roof repairs can cost a lot of money for landlords. Although there are many materials to replace degrading roofs, rubber roofing is becoming a popular material to use for flat roofs. Not only is it easy to apply, rubber roofing is also:

  • Cost-Effective. Unlike other alternatives, rubber roofing is cheaper to make and produce, so you’ll already be saving money when buying the required materials.
  • Durable. Rubber roofing is made to last. Tiles and stone can deteriorate over time due to weather conditions, which could lead to mold and moss forming, but rubber roofing protects your roof from any weather related damage.
  • Life Expectancy. Rubber roofing has been tried and tested to last in excess of fifty years. With very little maintenance costs, the money saved in the long term has made rubber roofing a very viable option for other landlords and homeowners in the UK.

How can I see how much it costs?

The cost of rubber roofing is dependent on the size of your roof. However, with this helpful EPDM Flat Roof Kit Calculator, you can see exactly how much it’ll cost and realise how much you could save in the future.

A new roof can see homeowners get a 63% return on their investment.

A secure, efficient home allows you to save money as well as increase the value of your home when renting. Roofing is just one of many alternatives to increasing your home value, check out other ideas in renovating your home for the future.