The Ultimate Landlord FAQ

Landlord FAQs

We understand that when venturing into the world of property rental/investment, there are many questions that will challenge a new landlord. Questions that often arise in our discussions with clients are covered below. However, if you have a specific question or query we are always happy to assist so please Contact Us for any help you may require.

Why should I use a letting agent?

We believe there is real added value to be gained from using an experienced quality agent such as Kentish Flats . Our extensive experience of the lettings business and knowledge of the local rental market enables us to give you the very best advice and support, ensuring you achieve the maximum potential from your investment.

Why should I use a NALS Regulated Agent?

As a member of the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS), Kentish Flats holds accreditation which safeguards your business interests. In order to become a NALS member, we have submitted our business to review and scrutiny to ensure we meet the highest possible standards of service. In addition we undergo regular independent review to ensure we maintain these standards across the whole of our business. This enables us to provide you with the confidence that your interests are in the best possible hands.

What about the legal aspects?

Our team fully understand the implications of all relevant legislation and our expertise in managing the practicalities of the rental business places us in the best possible position to guide you through the process and arrangements.

Will my rent cover my mortgage payments?

We will always provide realistic rental valuations based on current market conditions. We will also ensure rent reviews are undertaken at appropriate intervals to protect your interests. However, it is important to recognise that factors contributing to rental values and mortgage or loan conditions (e.g. interest rates) are quite varied and therefore it is not possible to guarantee that any rent received would cover any loan payments obligations. Whilst using the facilities of an experienced agent such as ours will help in reducing tenancy voids, there may be times when your property is unoccupied with associated income gaps.

Will my tenants take care of my property?

We place great emphasis on finding quality tenants and matching them to your requirements. As a result of our extensive credit checking and referencing process, together with our ability to assess potential tenants through our meetings with them, we are able to provide you with the greatest levels of confidence in those tenancies we secure.

Of course our attention to detail does not end when the tenancy starts, our on-going liaison with tenants and our property inspection regime ensures we are able to address any issues before they become a concern.

Whilst you will have your own specific conditions relating to the type of tenants you would wish for, we also have some basic standards that we will not compromise on to ensure that tenant selection is made with confidence in their ability to meet their financial and other tenancy obligations.

What about the Tax implications?

Whilst tax implications alone should not be considered a barrier to property rental, there are considerations which you, the landlord, should take into account when you rent out a property. Income from your property rental is taxable and should be declared on your annual tax return. There may also be implications for you in relation to Capital Gains liabilities from your property portfolio.

There are, of course, genuine running costs in maintaining a rental property and there are a range of allowances given to assist with these.

Personal tax affairs are a specialised area and will differ for each individual, our advice therefore is to always seek professional advice from your financial adviser or by consulting your local HMRC office.

As a customer of Kentish Flats , we can assist you further by providing annual statements giving the details you need for the completion of annual tax returns in respect of your rental property. If you would like more information on this element of our service please contact us.

Should I rent my property furnished or unfurnished?

This depends entirely on your particular circumstances and the type and location of your property. It is best to contact us for advice on current market demand, we can then advise on the best option for your particular circumstances.

It should however, be recognised that furnishing a property does not automatically translate into significantly higher rental values and any furniture included in the tenancy should comply with current legislation and will need to be maintained or replaced as necessary. You can find further information on the basic fixtures/furnishings to consider in the Property Services section of our website.

Who pays for Council Tax and Utilities on rental property?

It is usual for assured shorthold tenancies to operate on a ‘utilities excluded’ basis. In effect, this means that your tenants will be responsible for Council Tax and utility bills for the duration of their tenancy. There are exceptions to this and occasionally tenancy agreements will be made at an inclusive rent. We can give advice on this as necessary.

You should expect to take responsibility for such costs during periods that the property is empty or between tenancies although of course, our role is to help you keep these periods to a minimum.

What about Deposit Protection Regulations?

As a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme;Kentish Flats is fully compliant with the Deposit Regulations introduced by the Government in April 2007. Our customers will be covered under our Full Property Management or Tenant Introduction Plus services as we will hold deposits in specific client accounts.

For those Landlords choosing to manage deposits themselves, there are some important implications and consequences that can result from non-compliance and we will advise you on these.

We recognise that everyone’s needs are different and your specific requirements are individual to you. We believe we can provide a service to you, our client, that is unrivalled locally so why not contact us and put us to the test.