What you should know about Landlord services!

Landlord Services

Kentish Flats offers differing service levels, each of which has been specifically designed to meet the particular needs and requirements of our clients’ situations:

  • Full Property Management
  • Tenant Introduction Plus
  • Tenant Introduction Only

See which service will suit your needs best using our Summary of Landlord Services information as set out below.

Full Property Management

Our most popular service, with over 90% of landlords choosing it! Full Property Management is totally comprehensive, offers you peace of mind and enables you to delegate the day to day running of your property investment to us. It is notable that the vast majority of landlords achieve higher occupancy rates and improved lettings satisfaction from this service.

Tenant Introduction Plus

This service has the benefit of lower running costs for landlords wanting a more ‘hands on’ approach. Kentish Flats will handle all preliminary services up to, and including, moving tenants into the property. Kentish Flats will register the security deposit in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, thereby saving you the costs of joining an accredited scheme, administration costs and legal timelines. With this service, we also collect the ongoing rent on your behalf, carry out the final inspection and liaise with the tenants over any deposit deduction issues.

By choosing the Tenant Introduction Plus service, you, as the Landlord, will be responsible for interim inspections and resolving all maintenance issues directly with the tenants.

Tenant Introduction Only Service

For those Landlords who truly want a ‘tenant find’ only service. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Within this service we can offer the following elements as required:

  • Property evaluation
  • Marketing your rental property
  • Securing suitable tenants
  • Arranging property viewings
  • Tenant referencing
  • Preparing the tenancy agreement
  • Preparing a full inventory
  • Moving the tenants in
  • Transfer of the security deposit and 1st months rent to the Landlord

The most commonly asked questions are answered on our Landlord’s FAQs page or you can contact us for free, friendly advice without obligation.

Inventory Provision

An inventory document is an essential tool for recording the condition of your property, fixtures and fittings. The inventory forms the point of reference over cleaning and damage. The typed condition and inventory report also includes embedded photography, where appropriate. Without an inventory you would not be able to defend any claim for damages or sub-standard cleaning in your property, leaving you with little or no legal recourse. Charges for the construction and re-checking of your inventory vary according to the size of property and whether or not the property is furnished or unfurnished. The scale of charges is contained in our landlord schedule which is provided at the point of property valuation.

“Since the introduction of statutory Tenancy Deposit Schemes on 6 April 2007, the creation of an up to date and accurate inventory has never been more important. One of the main features of the Schemes (brought in primarily to protect the interests of the tenant) is dispute resolution and the inventory will play a major role in the process. When the time comes to agree the amount of deposit returnable to the tenant, a fully detailed and accurate inventory will support the evidence of both the landlord and the tenant, particularly if there is a dispute. The independent adjudicator attached to which ever Scheme the deposit has been registered with will examine all documentation as a basis for his decision and a good inventory will not only speed completion of a tenancy but will also keep costs down.”

Taken from the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) Leaflet entitled ‘Why is an Inventory Required?’


Where requested, a statement of letting income and expenses will be prepared on your behalf for forwarding to the Inland Revenue. An additional fee applies for this service. Alternatively, an enrolment to our Landlords Online service will provide you with account access plus the ability to create your annual statement of income and expenditure whenever you need to. This system can also automatically generate for you an Inland Revenue SA105 Land and Property tax return entry. A modest annual charge applies for this service. All charges and fees are detailed within our Landlords services schedule.

Non-Resident Landlords

You must advise Kentish Flats if you currently reside, or will be residing, outside the United Kingdom for six consecutive months or more in any one year. If Non UK residency applies, as defined by the Inland Revenue, you can complete an Inland Revenue form NRL1 (application by a non-resident landlord to receive United Kingdom rental income with no tax deducted) and if approved, this will allow you to account to the revenue in the normal way. In absence of acceptance under the scheme *we, as your agent, will be required to deduct tax from rental income for transmission to the Inland Revenue every quarter, calculated at the basic rate. We would recommend however, that you take financial advice from an accountant, the Inland Revenue or your own financial advisor in respect of your tax allowable items such as, mortgage interest, agent commission/fees, property insurance and certain items to prepare the property for letting in relation to your rental incomes.