Tenant reservation

Never underestimate the value in viewing a property before making your decision to reserve it. A member of the Kentish team will accompany you on viewings and can offer advice and assistance as required to help you find a property to suit your requirements.

Property Reservation Procedure

Once you have found a suitable property and paid the application fee we will remove it from our availability list for a period of 14 days whilst we undertake the necessary credit checks and gather references to progress your tenancy application.

At Kentish we recognise that for some, choices have to be made quickly in order to meet employment changes/relocation issues therefore, we offer the flexibility of reserving a property in one of two ways as detailed below:

Reservation Option 1 – View and Reserve

Select properties, arrange viewings with us and reserve a suitable property in the following ways: At the property, at our office or by phone.

This is by far the safest and most frequent way to select your property. Viewing the property enables you to make sure you are confident that it has the space, facilities, fixtures and even the furniture that you require. Over 95% of people reserve rental property in this way and this is definitely our recommended procedure.

Option 2 – Remote Reservation

This is the option for those tenants who are unable to attend a viewing appointment (due to work hours/current location) but wish to start the reservation process for one specific property. It may be that you have recently viewed a property with us and wish to start the reservation process out of office hours, or it is simply not possible to view a property before occupation because you are at a distance.

This service is designed for busy individuals/visiting forces personnel/corporate relocations where there is not sufficient time to view a property, or there are geographical and/or time constraints meaning that is would simply be more convenient and practical to reserve and organise arrangements from a distance. If you are happy that you can meet our remote tenant reservation criteria please download, complete, sign and return the Tenant Application Form.